Server requirement for Courier/B2b/B2c/Alibaba/Aliexpress Script

Server Requirements

Server Requirements

For the installation you just need to provide us your domain name and server login details. Below are the Server Requirement.

Linux Operating System (Centos Recommended)

Linux distributions, such as RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, and similar. We Recommend Ubuntu 18.04 Server edition

PHP 7.2 (or Higher)

mySQLi 5 (or Higher)

Mod Url_rewrite enabled

ionCube Loader version 10.0.1 (Higher)

** For B2b/B2c/Alibaba/Aliexpress Script, you must need a Cpanel WHM Hosting with main (root) Domain (Not Add-on domain)


  • 4 logical cores or more as per your business needs.

  • Memory requirement

  • 4GB and more as per your business requirements and SSD will be a help for performance improvement.

  • Nodejs Software Recommendations

  • We suggest employing the below-mentioned software package for production instances in PHP/Nodejs:

  • Web server

  • You can use the latest open source version of Nginx. We recommend using nginx for production.

  • PHP and PHP-FPM

  • Laravel fully supports PHP 7.2 There are many factors to keep in mind when configuring PHP, in order to strain out the maximum speed and efficiency on the requests processing. Supported PHP versions: 7.2 >

  • Required PHP Extensions:

  • It is recommended to limit the list of active PHP extensions to only those which are specifically needed.

  • php-bcmath

  • php-cli

  • php-common

  • php-curl

  • php-gd

  • php-intl

  • php-mbstring

  • php-mcrypt

  • php-opcache

  • php-openssl

  • php-pdo

  • php-soap

  • php-xml

  • php-xsl

  • php-zip

  • PHP settings:
    Some PHP tweaks are needed to get faster performance.


    We recommend using MySQL 5.7, We are confident that MySQL is distributed with good default settings. But for better performance tweaks might be helpful

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